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Salesforce PDI Exam Questions

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PDI Exam Sample Questions:

A developer is creating a page that allows users to create multiple Opportunities. The developer is asked to verify the current user's default } |
Opportunity record type, and set certain default values based on the record type before
inserting the record. i, J
How can the developer find the current user's default record type? ns


Query the Profile where the ID equals userInfo.getProfileID() and then use the
profile.Opportunity.getDefaultRecordType() | |
method. ] |


Use Opportunity. SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypelnfos() to get a list of record types, and iterate through them until [ J
isDefaultRecordTypeMapping() is true. Pencil & Paper |


Use the Schema.userlnfo.Opportunity.getDefaultRecordType() method. <
Create the opportunity and check the opportunity.recordType before inserting, which will
have the record ID of the current Dal
user's default record type.

Use Opportunity. SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypelnfos() to get a list of record types, and iterate through them until [ J
isDefaultRecordTypeMapping() is true. Pencil & Paper |

A business has a proprietary Order Management System (OMS) that creates orders from
their website and … the order. When the order is created in the OMS, an integration also
creates an order record in Salesforce … relates it to the contact as identified by the email
on the order. As the order goes through different stages in OMS, the integration also
updates it in Salesforce.
It is notified that each update from the OMS creates a new order record in Salesforce.
Which two actions prevent the duplicate order records from being created in Salesforce?
Choose 2 answers


Ensure that the order number in the OMS is unique.


Use the order number from the OMS as an external ID.


Use the email on the contact record as an external ID.


Write a before trigger on the order object to delete any duplicates

Ensure that the order number in the OMS is unique.

Write a before trigger on the order object to delete any duplicates

Universal Container is building a recruiting app with an Applicant object that stores
information about an individual person that represents a job. Each application may apply
for more than one job.
What should a developer implement to represent that an applicant has applied for a job?


Master-detail field from Applicant to Job


Formula field on Applicant that references Job


Junction object between Applicant and Job


Lookup field from Applicant to Job

Master-detail field from Applicant to Job

Which scenario is valid for execution by unit tests?


Load data from a remote site with a callout.


Set the created date of a record using a system method.


Execute anonymous Apex as a different user.


Generate a Visualforce PDF with geccontentAsPDF ().

Set the created date of a record using a system method.

An org has an existing Flow that creates an Opportunity with an Update Records element. A developer update the Flow to also create a Contact and store the created Contact's ID on the Opportunity. Which update should the developer make in the Flow?


Add a new Get Records element.


Add a new Update Records element.


Add a new Quick Action element(of type Create).


Add a new Create Records element.

Add a new Create Records element.

How to Pass Salesforce PDI Exam?

Questions People Ask About PDI Exam

Platform Developer I (PDI) certification is an excellent starting point for a career in Salesforce development. It validates your foundational knowledge and skills in customizing the Salesforce platform using Apex and Visualforce, and understanding of Salesforce development best practices.

Platform Developer I proves you have the basics of coding and customization on the Salesforce platform. Platform Developer II is much more advanced, requiring deeper coding experience, knowledge of design patterns, and the ability to handle complex integrations.

Get a free Salesforce Developer Edition org and start building! Use Trailhead trails for guided projects, tackle challenges on the Salesforce Developers website, or try to recreate features from existing apps to apply your knowledge in new ways. Get prepare from PDI dumps.

Having the Salesforce Administrator certification before attempting the Platform Developer I (PDI) is not mandatory, but it can be beneficial. It provides a strong understanding of Salesforce data models, security, and business logic, which will give you a massive advantage when tackling developer concepts.

Resources like Focus on Force offer dedicated PDI practice exams that closely mimic the real exam format. Dumps4free also provides Platform Developer I practice questions. Using these tests alongside studying will boost your exam readiness significantly.

You can learn Salesforce for free using several resources. The most prominent is Salesforce's own Trailhead platform, which offers a comprehensive range of modules and hands-on projects at no cost. These cover everything from basic to advanced Salesforce concepts. Additionally, there are numerous free webinars, community forums, and blogs where you can gain insights and tips from experienced Salesforce professionals, enhancing your learning journey without any financial investment.

A Salesforce developer customizes Salesforce beyond what clicks and configuration can do. They use code (like Apex) and tools like Visualforce to create new features, automate processes, and connect Salesforce with other systems – making Salesforce work seamlessly for a business's unique needs.

Salesforce coding has a learning curve. If you have no coding experience, it will be challenging. However, Salesforce's Apex language is similar to Java. With dedicated practice, focused resources, and a problem-solving mindset, the skills become easier and surprisingly fun!

The passing percentage for the Salesforce Platform Developer I (PD1) exam typically stands around 65%. However, it's important to note that Salesforce does not always publicly disclose specific passing scores, as they can adjust the score based on exam version and difficulty. But you can increase your chances upto 90% with Dumps4free PDI exam dumps.